Where Can You Find a Polyamorous Relationship?

poly singles
admin / January 10, 2018

Polyamorous relationship is practiced by those individuals who want to be intimate and/or sexual with more than one partner in a consensual and honest manner. There are various benefits of a polyamorous relationship. It offers different experiences with multiple individuals and is also a good setup for people who like to get creative in bed because in this way they…

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6 Polyamorous Dating Rules Can Lead You to Success in Relationship

polyamorous relationships
admin / December 18, 2017

Polyamorous relationships can be hard to enter at first. But when you do enter such a relationship, it’s very important to stick the polyamorous dating rules. Of course, each poly relationship is different, which is why you have to identify, set and then stick to your own rules. Here you have some of the best polyamorous relationship advice ideas for…

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How Polygamy and Polyamory Differ?

polyamorous fun
admin / December 1, 2017

Polygamy Definition Polygamy is the practice of being married to and living with multiple spouses at the same time. There are specific cultures and religions around the world where this is accepted and the common practice. You can see how these families live by watching reality TV shows like Sister Wives and Big Love, which are on the air in the…

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