6 Polyamorous Dating Rules Can Lead You to Success in Relationship

polyamorous relationships
admin / December 18, 2017

polyamorous dating rulePolyamorous relationships can be hard to enter at first. But when you do enter such a relationship, it’s very important to stick the polyamorous dating rules. Of course, each poly relationship is different, which is why you have to identify, set and then stick to your own rules. Here you have some of the best polyamorous relationship advice ideas for you to keep in mind!

Enjoy freedom and avoid placing limits

The best polyamorous relationship advice is to keep things open and limitless. Putting limits in front of any relationship will just make things worse. You want the experience to be fun for everyone, so it’s a very good idea to use that to your own advantage. Yes, some of these relationships can be tricky, but that’s how life really is. So, just let it all be and enjoy life the way you want to. Adding any limits will just make things worse, and you want to avoid that.

Be responsible

Being responsible for your actions is maybe the best polyamorous relationship advice. Most of these relationships aren’t that responsible, and that’s why you need to change that. The more you show your true nature and the more serious you are, the better the results will be. After all, your life is shaped by all your decisions.

Avoid assumptions

Trusting your partners is important. This is one of the primordial polyamorous dating rules. As long as you trust someone, they will trust you back. And yes, this is the basis of any good polyamorous relationship.

Communication is key

Yes, the more you communicate, the easier it will be to identify and remove any problems. This is not going to be an easy thing to do. But it is going to help you improve your relationship in the long term. It sounds great, and it can offer tremendous benefits in the end. As long as you communicate, things can be more than ok.


You always want to be flexible. Nothings are set in stone; this is one of the best polyamorous relationship advice ideas out there. As long as you are flexible, you are bound to reach the happiness that you want and deserve.

Avoid taking sides

Taking sides in a polyamorous relationship is a way to disaster. You never want to take any sides. You want to listen to both sides and agree with both of them. Taking sides can be problematic, and in the end, this will lead to even more issues.

These are some of the best polyamorous dating rules you can follow. While the polyamorous relationships can be very tricky, using these ideas can help you a lot. Remember that such a polyamorous relationship does come with its fair share of challenges. You need to be ready for everything, but do try and keep in mind all the ideas listed here. Use these ideas wisely, and it will be very easy to have a fruitful, amazing relationship in the long term!

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