Where Can You Find a Polyamorous Relationship?

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admin / January 10, 2018

Polyamorous relationship is practiced by those individuals who want to be intimate and/or sexual with more than one partner in a consensual and honest manner. There are various benefits of a polyamorous relationship. It offers different experiences with multiple individuals and is also a good setup for people who like to get creative in bed because in this way they can get experimental with more than one person as well as learn new things from multiple lovers.

Following are some places where you can find polyamorous relationship:

1.Offline/In Person

Just as in a monogamous relationship, you can find partners to have polyamorous relationship by going out to restaurants, bars, concerts, sporting events, etc. There are many other opportunities; discussion groups, books clubs, game nights, etc. are great places to start, even for introverted types. Since people usually engage in monogamy relationship, you might face a little difficultly at first in finding the ones for poly relationship. However, you have a chance to start an honest conversation about your desires to start a poly relationship if you tell them that you are polyamorous from the beginning.

2.Dating Sites

polyamorous relationship dating siteA lot of relationships nowadays are started online. Apart from monogamous relationships, these sites are also becoming more open to the idea of polyamorous relationships. There are numerous dating sites that allow you to find partners for poly dating. OkCupid is an example of such sites. Some dating sites even allow you to use filters to look specifically for people who are open to polyamory. You can search for such sites on the internet and try your luck. Most of the dating sites offer trial membership, so you can test the waters and see how much success you can achieve. When approaching people online, it is recommended that you be clear on what type of relationship you are looking for.

3.Facebook Groups

Apart from dating sites, there are also plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to polyamory. You can take advantage of those. Look for groups that are specific to your region, they will be best for you as you will have the convenience of meeting people. A lot of people have succeeded when finding partners for polyamorous relationships on such groups.

4.Mobile Apps

There are many mobile apps that allow you to find partners for polyamorous dating. Tinder is a popular one that you can use to find sex-positive people. Bumble is another such app. It is recommended that you clearly describe what you are looking for when searching. Just like dating sites, a lot of people use mobile apps as well to find others in order to engage in poly relationship.

Final Thoughts

People who are experienced in polyamorous dating find new partners naturally. If you are new to this type of relationship, then it is highly recommended that you first spend some time understanding your desires before trying to find partners. And if you are already in a relationship, then let your current partner know about your desire to date others and be poly. After that, finding partners will be an easy task for you.

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